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Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Effectively communicating with Customers is more complex than ever with a multitude of channels. All channels have their own issues and opportunities. We will work independently and/or with your team to properly analyze your current processes, customer preferences, internal and external systems to improve your end to end process and provide the very best customer experience utilizing the right technology solutions to streamline and reduce your operational costs.

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Print & Mail

Even though we have seen a steady decrease in printed documents, they are not going away. With today’s advances in technology, take advantage of printing documents in full color. Using color and dynamic graphics help direct customers attention to targeted messages which will complement your online web or mobile experience.
Let JRP Advisors guide you to better manage white space, so your documents are easier to manage, are more effective, and significantly reduce costs.
With the mailing process, we will assist you in creating a universal delivery standard for both system generated and adhoc communications, maximizing your flexibility to deliver documents efficiently.
JRP Advisors can assist with:
  • Writing Whitepapers, RFP’s and SLA’s
  • Improving File Database Management
  • Ensuring Transmissions are Sent & Received
  • Meet USPS Addressing Requirements (CASS/NCOA/PAVE)
  • Standardize all Documents
  • Maximize USPS Discounts

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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