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Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Effectively communicating with Customers is more complex than ever with a multitude of channels. All channels have their own issues and opportunities. We will work independently and/or with your team to properly analyze your current processes, customer preferences, internal and external systems to improve your end to end process and provide the very best customer experience utilizing the right technology solutions to streamline and reduce your operational costs.

Digital Communications

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Digital Communications

The customer expectation has dramatically shifted over the last ten years. Whether the customer prefers to receive communications via email, text message, push notification, we are here to assist. Creating a robust preference database is key to exceeding our customer expectation.
E-delivery (E-mail & SMS Text)
JRP Advisors will show you how to obtain customer feedback and use it effectively to manage, track delivery preferences and obtain delivery receipts or e-failures. If it’s a billing notification or statement, customers should be able to pay with a few simple clicks. Our joint goal is to expand digital enrollments to significantly reduce costs. The JRP Advisor Team has designed award winning digital notifications and statements.
Easily accessible documents are essential for both customers and employees in order to have effective conversations. All correspondence, whether outgoing or incoming need to be stored and retained digitally to create a full 360 degree view of all communications. JRP Advisors will analyze an help create a document storage strategy that presents them back to your customers and employees for an improved experience.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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